Project to Deliver a New Fisheries and Marine Management Regime

Stakeholder Advisory Group
Thursday 19 March 2009
The Conrah Hotel, Chancery, Aberystwyth

Note of Meeting


Stephen Lockwood

Vice-Chair (Wales) - North Western & North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee (NWNWSFC)

Nick O'Sullivan

Chair - South Wales Sea Fisheries Committee (SWSFC)

Rob Evans

Environment Agency Wales (EAW)

Louise George

WAG – Marine Policy Branch

Philip Davies

Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)

John Fish

Chairman - Welsh Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (WFFA)

Kim Mould

Welsh Aquaculture Producers Association (WAPA)

Roger Cook

Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers (WFSA)

Iwan Ball

Wales Environment Link (WEL)

Annie Smith


Sue Gubbay

Countryside Council for Wales (CCW)

Lynda Warren

Chair – Wales Coastal and Maritime Partnership (WCMP)

Eirig Parry

WAG – Fisheries Unit – Project Manager

Stuart Evans (Chair)

WAG – Fisheries Unit

Mathew Xerri

WAG – Fisheries Unit – Project Team


Rob Floyd

WAG – Project Team


  1. Project Team to add Working Group to Organisation Structure diagram.

Nick O’Sullivan and Roger Cook to liaise on issue of charter boat skipper representation and feed back comments and contacts to the Group.

  1. Group to consider if any other industries / groups need to be represented as corresponding members.

Project Team to circulate table of roles and responsibilities of each of the project groups.

  1. Project Team to amend Terms of Reference to reflect that differing opinions of the group should be taken to the Project Board and that the Group should approve minutes.

Group to develop ideas for future stakeholder engagement and submit suggestions to the next meeting.

  1. Iwan Ball to circulate recently commissioned paper on stakeholder input, when available.

Project Team to submit details of existing models for stakeholder input, for consideration at the next meeting.

Project Team to ensure that Several and Regulating Orders options paper includes background information, details of the relevant clauses in the Marine Bill and makes it clear the different approaches can be taken for each type of Order.

 Apologies were received from Rob Floyd

 Project Overview & Update

Eirig Parry gave a presentation outlining the current status of the project. The following discussions arose:

Marine and Coastal Access Bill