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Welsh National Boat Team

The Welsh Federation of Sea Angler's boat section hosts a number of development & trial sessions each year where anglers aspiring to represent their country at boat fishing can register and hopefully qualify for the national team.

The dates have been set for this year's trials with fishing taking place out of the picturesque port of Tenby. 

To be eligible to enter the trials and represent Wales anglers must meet one of the following three criteria:

1. Be a Welsh National;

2. Have a Welsh Born Parent or Parents;

3. A qualifying period of current three years residence in Wales and a member of a club which is affiliated to the WFSA and has been so affiliated for three consecutive years.

If you meet any of the above criteria then you are fully eligible to enter this year's trails and hopefully earn a place in our team.

This years trials will be fished at Tenby on the 22nd and 23rd June. Details are:

Date                Venue      Sailing Times     Price                                   Type of angling

June 22nd      Tenby      09.00 – 18.00     £450.00 ÷ 8 = £ 56.25        Anchor and Drift

June 23rd      Tenby       09.00 – 18.00    £450.00 ÷ 8 = £ 56.25         As Above

Boat Fees      £112.50   (If all spaces are filled)

Bait Fees       £ 36.00    (£18.00 per day)            

Total      £148.50


An application form for this years trial can be found on the Downloads page by clicking on the menu button at the top of the page.


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