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Men's Shore Team Qualifiers 2023
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WFSA International Men's Shore Team Trials.

2023 Application Process

The Angling Cymru Sea Angler's shore section hosts a number of development & trial sessions each year where anglers aspiring to represent their country at shore fishing can register and hopefully qualify for the national team.

The dates have been set for this year's trials with fishing taking place at Cefn Sidan in South Wales & Talacre in North Wales.  

To be eligible to enter the trials and represent Wales anglers must meet one of the following three criteria:

1. Be a Welsh National;

2. Have a Welsh Born Parent or Parents;

3. A qualifying period of current three years residence in Wales and a member of a club which is affiliated to the WFSA and has been so affiliated for three consecutive years.

If you meet any of the above criteria then you are fully eligible to enter this year's trails and hopefully earn a place in our team.


An application form for this year’s trial can be found by clicking on the 'Download Form' button at the top of this page. Alternatively you can apply online by clicking the 'Online Form' button. 


Team Selection

The top 15 anglers will make up the National Squad selected for the Home and World championships, 5 for home, 5 for world, a reserve for each team, plus a ‘wild card’ to be selected from anywhere in the qualifier pool.


1. All trials are to be fished in daylight unless the Championships are held during hours of darkness.

2. Duration of fishing will not exceed six hours.

3. Venues on which trials are to be fished are to be similar characteristics to the International venue to be fished whenever possible, i.e. species, rock, sand: shore- long or short casting.

4. All trials to be fished to International Rules as laid down by the Sea Angling Liaison Committee or CIPS/FIPS as appropriate.

5. All trials will be fished on a Catch and Release basis.

6. It is the anglers & team managers’ responsibility to ensure that when competitions are finished, all beaches are left in a clean condition.

7. For all trials minimum sizes may be omitted, depending on the venues to be fished in the forth-coming events. Team managers will inform all individuals fishing of the points system prior to the trials.

Fish sizes & points system.


1.Unless deemed necessary by the team manger as in 7 above. All species will have a minimum size limit of 15 cm. Mackerel & migratory fish are not allowed on the card.


2.All in size fish will carry a further 5 points per fish to be added to the total accumulative fish length in the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the card.


3. Under size fish must be recorded with their name in the appropriate column on the card where 1 point per fish will be added to the accumulative total.

Note: Undersize fish do not carry 5 fish points

Fish Card Quality & accuracy checks.


All cards will be checked by the Team Manger a day or so after the event. If mistakes are found then positions will be adjusted accordingly. Coaching will be given to anglers where appropriate.


Publishing of results

Results will appear ASAP on this web page as an Excel spreadsheet which can be downloaded directly from the site. It can also be found on the ACSA Facebook page which can be accessed by clicking on the link at the top of the page.


A £50 levy is payable to attend the ACSA Men’s Shore Team Trials, all money collected is paid into the team funds and is non-refundable. Please send your completed application form and cheque (made payable to Angling Cymru) to the ACSA National Secretary:


Trial Dates, venues and baits

£50 bait money is payable at the first leg of the trials. See below for amounts allotted per leg. Any left over money will go into the teams funds.

Round One – Saturday 10th June 2023, 8 am until midday @ Cefn Siden (12oz maddies, 8oz blow lug)

Round Two – Sunday 11th June 2023, 8 am until midday @ Cefn Siden (12oz maddies, 8oz blow lug)

Round Three – Saturday 20th January 2024, 10am until 2 pm @ Talacre (3 wraps blacks, 1 packet mackerel)

Round Four – Sunday 21st January 2024, 11.30am until 3.30pm @ Talacre (3 wraps blacks, 1 packet mackerel)


Note: On the day pools are optional & will be organised by a volunteer angler taking part in the event. The team manager will not be involved in the collection or paying out of pool money. In the event of errors being found on fish cards by the team manager, pool money must be reallocated to the appropriate angler.

Rules for Shore Trials

  1. Hook sizes will be a minimum of 7mm gape

  2. The use of sliders is prohibited, up to three hooks allowed, no floats other than 1 floating bead per hook length (max 15mm bead).

  3. No limit to the number of rods set up with a running line and link.

  4. Minimum size fish 15cm with 5 fish points per in size fish. 1 point for any undersized fish.

  5. All fish will be measured nose to tail. Mackerel so not count.

  6. All fish must go into a bucket of fresh seawater before the next cast, failure to do so will result in those fish being disqualified. 

  7. No bait additives allowed.

  8. Only bait supplied will be used.

  9. Your peg must be left clean, rubbish removed and your peg returned at the end of the match.

  10. Anglers may go to the left or right to get their fish measured, fish must be returned in front of the angler signing your card. Care must be taken returning fish to the water, under no circumstances must a fish be thrown!

  11. All competitors must be at the draw 2 hours before fishing time, failure to observe this will result in the bait being distributed and the booking in closed. If you are late it is your responsibility to arrange for someone else to draw your peg and collect your bait.

  12. Pools will be run on the day, zone winners only.

  13. Zone will be from left to right, the first zones will have the most anglers where necessary.

  14. In the event of any dispute any complaint must be made in writing, the manager will review the complaint and investigate if required. The Managers decision will be final, any complaint must be logged within 1 hour of the match ending and any complaints raised after this time will not be considered.

  15. The Manager will change the fishing venues should conditions make venues unsafe, if no alternative venue is suitable then the event will be abandoned and no points will be awarded.

  16. The Manager reserves the right to amend these rules if required at any time.

  17. At the end of the match you must have your card underlined by the adjacent angler and each fish must be individually signed for – NO DITTOS ALLOWED. You are responsible to total and check this is correct. Cards will only be checked in the event of a tie or close points.

  18. Entry into the water is permitted to knee height (as per FIPS/Mer rules) – no standing in the water to fish.

Competition and Selection

  1. 3 out of the 4 Rounds count towards your final position; your worst result of the 4 will be dropped.

  2. All 4 rounds must be fished to qualify.

  3. Selection of the teams will take place from the top 15 Anglers. The top six will be offered a place in the World Team. It is the angler’s decision if he wishes to decline his place. The offer will then work its way down the list in Order.

  4. Round 1 the anglers will be issued with a form to complete which will indicate which of the teams (or both) he would like to be considered for should they finish in the top 15

  5. It is the right of all anglers to defend their Individual World medal at the following competition if he wishes to do so. That angler must still fish the Fish offs but will be given a place in the Team as a Wild Card wherever they finish in the field.

Home & International & team funding

In the coming months there is a workshop being held with all ACSA team managers to establish a funding policy for all international events. The outcome will then be published on the ACSA website.

This document authorised by Men’s Wales team manager Ivor Smith 13th March 2023.

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