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ACSA East Region Shore League
Leg 6 Cold Knap to Fontygary

The final leg of the 2023 ACSA East Region Shore League was held on 26th November at Cold Knap, Porthkerry & Fontygary.

Weather conditions were a light easterly wind with light rain in the forecast. During the week prior to the match the blonde rays were about at Rhoose point in number, but not on the day of the match. 49 out of 66 anglers caught fish totalling 76 kgs which was made up of 10 different species consisting of: blonde ray, conger eel, dogfish, pouting, bull huss 3 bearded & shore rockling, poor cod, bass & pollack.

Top five individuals:

Shaun Moore fishing for the Dave Richard Match Team was top rod with 9.97kgs consisting of 2 blonde rays, 2 conger eel & a rockling. Shaun also had the biggest fish of the day a blonde ray of 6,78 kgs.

Runner-up was Team Sakuma member Chris Jenkins with 7.19 kgs consisting of a bull huss, conger eel & dogfish.

Third Place was Reel Fishing team member Mark Cruickshank with 6.45 kgs consisting of 2 conger eels, 2 rockling, a blonder ray, bull huss & pouting.

Fourth place went to Dave Richards Match Team angler Ian Carpenter with 4.79 kgs consisting of 2 conger eels a pouting & poor cod.

Fifth with 4.60 kgs consisting of 2 conger eels & 2 pouting was Jamie Mills. He was fishing for Team Turkana.


Best specimen whiting pool was not won & will be carried over to the first leg of the 2024 series.


Most fish Pool went to Reel Fishing team angler Mark Cruickshank with 7 fish for 6.45 kgs.

Overall top five overall individuals at the end of the series.

1st Shaun Tucker with 524 fish points for 86.6kgs.

2nd Andrew Hutchings with 518 fish points for 76.3kgs.

3rd Dean Downe with 495.5 fish points for 68.7 kgs.

4th Steve Smyth with 478.5 fish points for 72.8 kgs.

5th Lloyd Summers with 474 points for 65 kgs.


Top five teams on the day.

1st Cardiff Vale Fishing Team with 374.5 fish points,14 team points.

2nd Dave Richards Match Team with 355 fish points, 13 team points.

3rd Team Knockout Baits with 348 fish points, 12 team points.

4th Gwent Don't Knows with 311.5 fish points, 11 team points.

5th Garry Evans Match Team with 305.5 fish points, 10 team points.


This years’ team event went right down to the wire again where most teams could have won the series.


Overall top five overall team positions for the series.

1st Garry Evans Match Team Team with 72 points.

2nd Sakuma Match Team with 67 points.

3rd South Wales Match Men with 65 points.

4th Team Knock Baits with 63 points.

5th Dave Richards Match team with 57 points.


Congratulations to the Garry Evans Match Team for winning the series.

Full details for Team and Individual positions can be found on the East Region Page by selecting the 'Shore League Results' button or by clicking on the link HERE

2023 Shore League Team Winners - Garry Evans Match Team
2023 Shore League
Individual Winner 
Shaun Tucker with Steve Chadwick
2023 Shore League
Andy Hutchings with Steve Chadwick
The Final Leg runner-up Team's Captain Ian Carpenter receiving the team's prize
The Final Leg winning Team's Captain Chris Garner receiving the team's prize
Other photos from the final leg
Andrew Hutchings with a 3.88kg blonde ray
Ian Carpenter with a conger eel of 3.54kg
John Griffiths with a conger eel of 3.11kg

Barry Angling Festival / Garry Evans Seamaster Final 2023

The 43rd Garry Evans Seamaster Final took place on 29th October in conjunction with the Barry Angling Festival taking in the beaches of Cold Knap, Porthkerry, Rhoose & Fontygary. During the week prior to the event in reasonably settled weather conditions, a large number of blonde rays were caught in one section of the beach. Needless to say, on the day of the match this area attracted a high number of anglers anticipating a bonanza of blonde rays; Wrong!!!


The match day weather saw a moderate south westerly breeze which resulted in challenging sea conditions, particularly on the flooding tide. Only three blonde rays were caught in the whole of the match. 99 seniors & 4 juniors fished the event with 39 anglers bringing fish to the scales in this catch & release match. Eight different species of fish were caught being conger/silver eel, blonde/spotted rays, dogfish, rockling, bass & pouting for a total match weight 96kgs. This year’s total prize table again equated to more than £3000.

The festival junior winner from Blackwood was Junior Welsh International angler Finnan Williams. He weighed in 6.86kgs of conger eels, whiting & rockling winning himself a £50 tackle voucher donated by Paul Osmond Haulage & the junior Barry Angling Festival shield. Finnan was also 4th in the overall match.

Second place in the junior section was 11-year-old Max Worsey from Cardiff weighing in 4.96kgs of pouting, bass & conger eels. He won a £30 tackle voucher donated by Paul Osmond Haulage.

Max was also 6th in the overall match.


In Third place was Leo Bond from Barry fishing for Seaview Lads with a 0.5kg silver eel. She won a £20 tackle voucher donated by Paul Osmond Haulage.

Junior winners, Finnan Williams, Max Worsey & Leo Bond.

In first place was Curtis Miller from Barry fishing for Holton Road Anglers with 7.67kgs of conger eel, pouting & rockling. Curtis won the festival first prize of £500 & the Barry Angling Festival Shield donated by Angling Cymru Sea Anglers East Region (ACSAER) along with £91 pool money for the heaviest bag of fish.

In second place also fishing for Holton Road Anglers was Shaun Moore with 7.11kgs of conger eel, dogfish & a blonde ray. Shaun won £250 cash donated by ACSAER.

Third place went to Tata Steel SAC member Chris Stephens with 6.88kgs of conger eels & a blonde ray. Chris won himself an Anyfish Anywhere Bass Pro rod donated by the ACSAER shore league team Garry Evans Match Team.

Fourth place in the festival was Junior Finnan Williams with 6.86kgs of whiting, conger eels & rocking. He took the main junior prize as indicated in the junior section report.

In fifth place was Barry stalwart Don Cook with 6.47ks of conger eel & rockling. Don won an Anyfish Anywhere 14ft Six & Bait rod donated by Julian Shambrook. Don also had the heaviest fish of the match, a conger eel of 4.28kgs.

The heaviest nominated species pool was won by Ben Worsey from Cardiff he won £96 pool for the heaviest pouting of 0.58kgs.

Barry Angling Festival Winner - Curtis Miller with Steve Chadwick (left) and Mark Cowell (right)

Festival Runner-Up Shaun Moore

Third Place - Chris Stephens

Fourth Place - Don Cook

Garry Evans Most Points 2022/23.

1st Lloyd Summer with 107 points winning him £115.

2nd place Shaun Moore with 79 points winning him £65.

3rd place Gay Parsons. with 75 points winning him £45.

Gary Parsons (left), Lloyd Summers (centre) & Shaun Moore (right)

Garry Evans Seamaster Final Result.

In first place was Holton Road Angling member from Cardiff Shaun Moore with 7.11kgs. Shaun won a £250 tackle voucher & the coveted Seamaster Trophy.

Runner up was Seaview Lads member Don Cook with 6.47kgs. Don won £200 tackle voucher.

Third place went to Cardiff angler Chris Read. Chris won a £150 tackle voucher.

All Tackle vouchers were donated by Garry Evans Tackle Centres.


On behalf of the ACSAER we thank all of our sponsors for enabling the region to continue with this prestigious event.

Remaining top 20 anglers are in the attached Seamaster points update available HERE

SeaMaster Winner - Shaun Moore

Runner-Up - Don Cook

Third Place - Chris Read

A few photos of fish caught during the event

Max Worsey showing the seniors how to do it with his conger eel and bass

Gary Parsons with a blonde ray of 2.15kg

Mike Mather returning his 2.64kg bass

Penarth SAC Open 
22 October 2023 

The weather turned out great for the match with reports of good bags of fish in the days prior to the event. A light south westerly wind with intermittent cloud prevailed throughout the day. 115 anglers fished the pier & beaches, with 30 anglers weighing in fish of 7 different species including conger eels, blonde rays, dogfish, whiting, silver eels, codling & rockling.


In first place was Caerphilly angler Lloyd Summers fishing for Tata Steel SAC. Lloyd weighed in an impressive 13.57kgs consisting of 2 blonde rays, a conger eel and a whiting. Lloyd won £500 cash donated by Admiral Group PLC plus £64 pool money for heaviest bag of fish.

Lloyd with one of his blonde rays & receiving his prizes from Dot Collins

Runner-up was Penarth SAC angler Gary Parson with 9.98kgs consisting of a blonde ray & conger eel. Gary won £200 cash donated by Set Up Displays plus £50 pool for second heaviest bag. 

Gary with his blonde ray and conger, also receiving his prize from Dot

Third spot went to Tata Steel club member Chris Jones with 9.11kgs consisting of a good blonde ray of 7.5kgs which was the heaviest fish of the match and a conger eel. Chris won £100 cash donated by MDP Mechanical.

Chris Jones with his blonde ray & receiving his prize from Dot

Fourth place when to Caerphilly angler Gerald John with a conger eel for 6.04kgs. Gerald won a Penn 525 reel donated by Garry Evans Fishing Tackle Newport & Cardiff.


Fifth place went to Penarth SAC angler James Grovell with a conger eel of 2.84kgs. He won £20 cash.

Gerald John (left & centre) with his conger eel and prize. James Grovell (right) collecting his prize

In the junior section first place went to Junior Welsh international Finnan Williams fishing for Holton Road Angling with a codling & Silver eel for 1.14kgs.


Runner up was Lyla Tucker with a silver eel for 0.32kgs.


Finnan (left) and Lyla (right) being presented their prizes by Dot

This match was the final leg of the 2022/2023 SeaMasters competition, final results for the league and qualifiers for the SeaMasters Final can be found by clicking the link HERE

South Wales Sea Anglers Open 
24th September 2023
Cardiff Foreshore

Rob Cole would like to say a huge thanks to all the anglers that took part today, the weather was very blustery but thank goodness the rain held off.

79 anglers entered the competition with 21 anglers weighing in. Only one junior fished the event.


Most of the larger size fish was caught on the ebb but there was a constant flow of small straps and silver eels throughout the day along with a nice bass.


Taking 1st place was Mike Mather from Gwent SAC with a conger eel of 6.69kg

Mike also took the heaviest bag and biggest conger netting him £432 .(sponsor Computer World Wales). Mike also took the second spot on the Robert Radman shield.


Second place was Dave Loder from Gwent SAC with a conger and a thornback ray giving him a total of 5.56kg and £200 (sponsor Computer World Wales).


Third place was Lloyd summers from Holton Road Angling with a nice thornback ray of 3.80kg winning him £100 (sponsor Bob Radman).


4th place was Steve Chadwick from Gwent SAC with 3 strap congers for 3.70kg winning him £100 (sponsor Paul Osmond Haulage ).


The remaining 17 anglers who weighed in had a choice of prizes provided by this year’s sponsors.

Mike Mather collecting his prizes and with his 6.69 kg conger eel

Gwent & District Open 
3rd September 2023 at St Brides

Gwent SAC held their annual open event at St Brides Newport in memory of Brian Wood, Neil Evans & Mark Newman on 3rd September where 68 anglers turned out to fish in bright sunlight and high temperatures which continued throughout the match. Fishing was hard with only 15 anglers catching fish. Conger eels were the main species with 2 bass & 2 silver eels thrown into the mix.

In First Place with a cracking conger eel of 9.06kgs was Cardiff builder Terry O'Reilly. Terry won £300 donated by Carl Davies (Brian Wood's son) presented by Ivor Smith

Runner up was Chris Tucker from Bargoed with 4.3kgs consisting of a good 3kg bass & strap conger eel. Chris won £200 donated by Family Finance LTD.

Third Place went to Chris Stephens from Bridgend with a conger eel of 2.23kgs. Chris won £100 donated by Gwent SAC in memory of Neil Evans & Mark Newman.

Fourth Place went to SWSA club member Shaun Parsons with a single conger eel of 2.66kgs. Shaun won an Anyfish Anywhere Six & Bait rod donated by Garry Evans Fishing Tackle Cardiff & Newport.

Fifth place (on the toss of a coin with Shaun Parsons) went to Newport & District SAC secretary Tony Hart, also with a single conger eels of 2.66kgs. Tony won a £50 tackle voucher donated by Green’s Fishing Tackle. He also won £66 pool money which was allocated to the 5th position in the table.
Ivor & Tony.jpeg

Gareth Jones fishing for Holton Road also won £66, the other pool prize allocated to 15th position in the table with a silver eel of 0.13kgs.


Unfortunately no juniors caught fish, but the allocated prizes will be donated to the Wales National Junior team.

The remaining top twenty can be found in the updated SeaMasters League Table via the link HERE

Llantwit Major Charity Open
6th August 2023

After near gale force winds the day prior to the match, the Llantwit Major Charity Open took place over a 3-mile stretch of local beaches on the 6th August. Wind conditions increased on the turn of the tide when a moderate south-westerly wind made fishing conditions difficult on some of the popular marks. 89 anglers fished the match coming from all over the UK as far as Kent, West/North Wales, Liverpool, & Northampton. Nine different species of fish were caught consisting of smooth hound, conger eel, bass, pouting, 3 bearded rockling, spotted / blonde rays dog fish & bull huss. In all 59 anglers caught fish totaling an impressive 660kgs of fish.


This Years’ event was run to raise money for three charities: Port-field School, Parkinson's Foundation & Cardiff Rescue Hotel Dogs Home. All prizes won at the event were sponsored by UK & local businesses enabling all proceeds taken on the day to be donated to the three charities. In total £1860 was raised which was shared equally between the 3 charities.


Top 10 winners


1st with a great catch of 29.97kgs was Holton Road SAC member Gary Parsons from Bridgend. He caught 8 smooth hounds, 2 dog fish & a pouting winning him £250 donated by BDP Heating (Ben Price) based in Liverpool.


2nd went to Dan Crump from Barry also fishing for Holton Road SAC with another cracking bag of 9 smooth hounds & a rockling for 29.7kg. Dan won £250 donated by Adam Neill & Leanne Jones.


3rd place went to Cardiff based angler Chris Equall fishing for the South Wales Match-men with 27.87kg consisting of 10 smooth hounds, a pouting & a dog fish. Chris also won £250 donated by Trevor Carson / Mark Tree of Auto Protect/Performance Cars Wales.


4th place went to Kent angler Saul Page with 7 smooth hounds, a bass, pouting, conger eel & 2 dog fish for 26.29kgs. Saul won £100 donated by the Llantwit Major beach cafe (Maria).


5th place went to TATA Steel club member Scott Busher with 6 smooth hounds, 3 conger eels a dog fish & a pouting for 25.92kgs. Scott won £100 donated by Steve & Shaun Tucker from Neath.


6th place went to Angling Ambitions rod builder Dai Llewellyn fishing for Holton Road SAC with 7 smooth hounds, a bull huss, rockling & dog fish for 25.635kgs. Dai won £100 donated by Dave Bowring Electrical.


7th place went to Holton Road SAC member Lee Brimfield with 7 smooth hounds, a bull huss, conger eel & rockling for 25.24kgs. Lee won £50 donated by Tata Steel member Chris Stephens.


8th place went to Garry Evans Match Team member Chris Read with 6 smooth hounds 2 bull huss, a conger eel, pouting dog fish & rockling for 24.37kgs. Chris won £50 donated by Tata Steel member Mark Cruickshank.


9th place went to Knockout Baits team member Shaun Tucker 5 with 4 smooth hounds, conger eel & 3 dog fish for 21.8kgs. Shaun won £50 donated by Craig Rosser.


10th place went to Tata Steel member Chris Jones with 6 smooth hounds a dog fish, rockling & pouting for 19.83kgs. Chris won £50 donated by Andrew Griffiths from Caerphilly.


Junior winners


1st place was Junior Welsh International Finnan Williams with 3 smooth hounds, 2 dog fish & a pouting for 10.84kgs. Finnan won a Beach Buddy donated by Qfished of Landowner's.


2nd was Harvey Nichols with a smooth hound & conger eel for 4.52kgs. Harvey won a rod & reel donated by Country Stores


3rd was Brooke Nichols with a 2 bass for 3.41kgs. Brooke also won a rod & reel also donated by Country stores.


The Ladies prize was won by Danielle Crook who caught a buss huss & conger eel foe 2.5kgs. Danielle won a glass glass fish donated by event organiser Mark Cowell.


Heaviest Fish Pools


Heaviest smooth hound went to Shaun Tucker with a fish of 6.66kg. Shaun won £100 donated by Richard Potts /Treforest Tiling & the ACSA smooth hound cup.


Heaviest conger eel pool was shared by John Griffiths & Chris Jenkins, both had eels of 1.8kgs. They won £25 each donated by Chris Garner.


Heaviest Bass went to junior Brooke Nichols with a fish of 2.07kgs. Brooke won £50 donated by Sea View Lads.


Heaviest dog fish pool went to Scott Busher with a fish of 0.84kgs. Scott won £50 donated by Gary Parsons.


Heaviest ray pool went to Tyer Brimfield with blonde ray of 5.28kgs. Tyler won £50 donated by Craig Maddock.


Most species pool was won by Chris read with 6 species. Chris won £50 donated by Dave Bowring Electrical.


5th place heaviest bag pool went to Tata Steel SAC member Scott Busher he won £80.


15 place heaviest bag pool went to Garry Evans Match Team angler Steve Smyth who also won £80 & £50 donated by the Newport & District Mid-week fund.


The pairs section of the match was won by father & son pairing fishing for Holton Road SAC, Lee & Tyler Brimfield with 44.63kgs.


Runners up were Holton Road SAC / Tata Steel SAC pairing Gary Parsons & Mark Cruickshank with 40.64kgs.


Main Organiser Mark Cowell wishes to thank all sponsors, anglers & helpers for what has been an extremely successful event & hopes to do it all again next year.

Photos from the event are shown in the gallary below:

Winner Gary Parsons with main Organiser Mark Cowell
Runner up Dan Crump
4th place Chris Equall
Junior Prize Winners Finnan Williams (left), Harvey Nichols (middle) & Brooke Nichols (right)
Pairs winners Tyler & Lee Brimfield
Brooke Nichols with her 2 Bass
Pairs runners up Gary Parsons & Mark Cruickshank
Shaun Tucker with his heaviest smooth hound of the match a fish 0f 6.66kgs

Brian Lewis RNLI Charity Open
Penarth 23 July 2023

The Brian Lewis RNLI charity open took place on 23rd July run by Penarth Sea Angling Club. 103 anglers fished the local beach & pier but only 15 seniors & 1 junior caught fish which. Seven different species of fish were caught which included Conger eel, smooth hound, mullet, rockling, thorn back ray, bull huss & dog fish.

A fantastic total of £1206.00 was raised for the RNLI.

1st place went to Tata Steel Member Mark Cruickshank with a smooth hound weighing 4.16kgs. Mark who lives in Port Talbot won £200 donated by Set Up Displays plus £102 pool money. His prizes were presented by club Secretary Dot Collis (right).

2nd place went to Newport SAC angler Steve Roberts with 2 conger eels for 3.54kgs. Steve won £100 donated by MDP & £102 pool money.

Hounds Galore at Llanwit Major & Aberthaw

Angling Cymru Sea Anglers East Region held leg 4 of the shore league at Llantwit Major on 9th July. The area has been fishing well for smooth hounds for the last 2 months and this match was no exception. After a wet morning, conditions cleared up just in time for the match. The wind conditions were a moderate southerly wind which put a good chop on the water. Brilliant bags of fish were caught. 76 anglers fished the match with 72 catching fish. 8 species were caught including smooth hounds, conger eels, codling, rocking, bull huss dogfish pouting & bass resulting in a record total weight of fish, a staggering 1807kgs, with 550 smooth hounds being caught.

Top 5 Individuals.

First place went to Tonyrefail angler Rory Jenkins who was fishing for the Sakuma Match Team. He weighed in an impressive bag of 17 smooth hounds & a dogfish totaling 56.15kgs.

A close second place went to Neath angler Shaun Tucker fishing for Knockout Baits with 54.86kgs consisting of 18 smooth hounds & a conger. Shaun also won the most fish pool with 19 fish.

Third Place went to Chris Jenkins for Bridgend fishing for the Sakuma Match Team with 15 smooth hounds for 53.2kgs.

Fourth place went to Angling Ambitions rod builder Dai Llewellyn fishing for the South Wales Match men team who weighed in 16 smooth hounds & a 3 bearded rockling for 51.47kgs.

In close fifth position was Lee Brimfield fishing for the Dave Richard Match Team with 50.51kgs consisting of 16 smooth hounds.


Top 5 individuals after 4 legs.

1st Rory Jenkins with 389 fish points , 89.3 kgs.

2nd Shaun Tucker with 372 fish points, 54.9kgs.

3rd Dean Downe with 348 fish points, 64.1kgs.

4th Shaun Moore with 335 fish points , 61.7kgs.

5th Andrew Hutchings with 329 fish points 63.5kgs.


Best smooth hound pool went to Chris Equall fishing for South Wales Match Team with a fish of 6.53kgs.


Top 5 team positions leg 4.

1st Sakuma Match Team with 464 fish points, 14 team points.

2nd Garry Evans Match Team with 422.5 fish points, 13 team points.

3rd Team Knockout Baits with 380 fishing points, 12 team points.

4th South Wales Match Men with 376 fish ponds 11 team points.

5th Dave Richards match Team with 374 fish points 10 team points.


Overall team positions after 4 legs.

(Teams tying on team points are decide on number of fish points)

1st Sakuma Match Team with 52 team points.

2nd South Wales Match Men with 48 team points (1521 fish points).

3rd Garry Evans Match Team also with 46 team points (1520.5 fish points).

4th Team Knockout Baits also with 46 team points.

5th Dave Richards Match Team with 40 team points.

Tyler Brimfield with a hound of 4.53kgs
Ben Worsey with a hound of 4.02kgs
Gary Parsons with hound of 4.14kgs
Andrew Withey with hound of 4.5kgs
Junior Max Worsey with a hound of 2.94kgs
Ian Carpenter with a hound of 4.49kgs
Ady Brez with a hound of 6.05kgs
Andrew Hutching with a hound of 4.44kgs
Dai Llewellyn with a hound of 4.445kgs
Chris Garner with a hound of 4.56kgs
All other team & individual placings can be found by clicking on the li