East Region Shore League - Cold Knap to Fontygary

The last leg of the East Region Shore League was fished to Covid-19 Guidelines this weekend at Cold Knap, Porthkerry & Fontagary. Two Car parks were used where 30 anglers per car park plus organizer’s booked in to the match to Angling Cymru social distancing guidelines. These guidelines were extended onto the beach were all angers were at least 5 metres apart along a 3 mile section of three beaches. No social gathering took place at the end of the match & results were completed remotely the following day. Weighing of fish & signing of cards was done by anglers catching fish whilst being observed at a 2m distance by another participating angler. Weather conditions were near prefect with a light Northeast to east wind. 44 anglers caught fish totaling 55.6 kgs made up mainly of conger eels. Other species that made an appearance consisted of bass, dogfish, pouting, codling, rockling, ray & whiting.


Top five individuals:


Mark Cruickshank fishing for Team Bait2go was top rod with a conger eel, blonde ray, bull huss & rockling for 6.19kgs. Runner up was Beer Bellies team member Mike Mather angler with 4.38kgs consisting of 2conger eels & a dogfish. In third Place was Gwent Don't Knows team member Dai Loder with 4.02kgs consisting of 4 conger eels & a dogfish. Dai also won the most fish pool. Fourth place went to Steve Chadwick fishing as a reserve for the Gwent Don't Knows. He weighted in a conger eel & a dogfish 3.59kgs. South Wales Match Men Roy Tapper was 5th with 3 conger eels for 3.51kgs.


Best specimen for the match was Whiting and went to Jon Cobern with fish of 0.15kgs.


The overall individual competition was a tight affair with a number of anglers in contention for the 3 prizes of ANYISH ANYWHERE rods supplied by the event sponsor Julian Shambrook.


Overall top five overall individuals at the end of the series:


1st Roy Tapper 377 fish points for 35.9kgs.

2nd Gerald John with 362 fish points for 37.5kgs.

3rd Mike Mather Rory with 354 fish points for 19.7kgs.

4th Chris Equals with 342 fish points for 16.7kgs.

5th Chris Jones with 340 fish points for 19.5kgs.


Top five teams on the day:


1st South Wales Match Team with 449 fish points, 12 team points.

2nd Garry Evans Match Team with 403.5 fish points, 11 team points.

3rd Team Sakuma with 394 fish points, 10 team points.

4th Team Bait2go with 389 fish points, 9 team points.

5th Gwent Beer Bellies with 332 fish points, 8 team points.


This year’s team event went right down to the wire with where the first two teams tied on team points. Final 1st & 2nd positions went down to accumulated fish points throughout the series. Only 8 & a half fish points separate the two teams; one of the tightest finishes in the history of the league.


Overall top five overall team positions for the series:


1st South Wales Match Men with 43 points. Accumulated fish points 1618.5.

2nd Team Sakuma with 43 with 31 points. Accumulated fish points 1610.

3rd Team Baits2go with 37 points.

4th Garry Evans Match team with 30 points

5th Tata Steel SAC with 28 points.

East Region WFSA Last Leg Shore League 2020 Pay Out Details.


Team Pools.

1st South Wales Match Men.        £95 Plus £270 Super Pool.

2nd Garry Evans Match Team.       £54 plus £160 Super Pool.

3rd Team Sakuma.                          £40 plus £110 Super Pool.

Best Specimen John Coburn           £63 for a whiting of 0.15kg.

Most Fish Dai Loder                        £63 with 5 fish.



1stMark Cruickshank 6.19kg.         £110.            

2nd Mike Mather 4.38kg.               £70.

3rd Dai Loder 4.02kg.                     £55 

4th Steve Chadwick 3.59kg.          £30

5th Roy Tapper 3.51kg.                  £15


Total Payout .                                  £1135.

East Region Shore League - Marcross & Monknash

The rescheduled leg of the East Region Shore League was fished to Covid-19 Guidelines this weekend at Marcross & Monknash where 12 five man teams were split up to to two groups at Marcross & Monknash farm car parks; thus conforming with the WA guidelines for not more them 30 people social gathering in any one location.

Each team had a Covid-19 Marshall in the form of team captains where PPE equipment was issued for the handling of entrance fees & distribution of fish recording cards. All anglers where briefed on how to socially distance with opposing team members when weighing & recording of fish before their release. At the end of the match, fish cards were placed in a box which was then taken away for results to be complied by the main organiser the following day. Clean note prize money was then placed in sealed envelopes ready for distribution at the next league of the league.


Weather conditions were near prefect with a moderate North Westerly wind putting a well fishable chop on sea conditions. Expectations were high of a final chance to target smooth hounds which have been present in the channel for the last 4 months. However the hounds did not make an appearance with only one report run which resulted in a lost fish.


A total weight of 107kgs of fish were caught consisting mainly of strap congers & there were many others caught that were undersize. Other species made an appearance consisting of bass, dogfish, pouting, codling, rockling, rays, bull huss & tub gurnard.


Top five individuals:


Lloyd Summers fishing for Bargoed SAC was top rod with four conger eels for 6.42kgs. Runner up was South Wales Match Team angler Chris Equall with 5.98kgs consisting of conger eels, dogfish, codling & rockling which also won him the most fish pool. In third Place was Baits2go team member Rhys Watts with 5.58kgs consisting of conger eels pouting & rockling. Fourth place went to Garry Evans team member Steve Smyth with conger eels & rockling for 4.97kgs. Baits2go team member Chris Jones was with fifth with a nice bass of 1.94kgs & a conger totaling 4.94kgs.


Bets specimen Pouting went to Keith Kipper with fish of 0.47kgs.


Overall top five individuals after three legs:


1st Roy Tapper 281 fish points for 32.4kgs.

2nd Steve Ellis with 276 fish points for 22kgs.

3rd Gerald John with 271 his points for 35.2kgs.

4th Rory jenkins with 260 fish points for 31.1kgs.

5th Chris equals with 258 fish points for 15.6kgs.


Top five teams on the day:

1st South Wales Match Team with 440 fish points, 12 team points.

2nd Team Bait2go with 405 fish points, 11 team points.

3rd Team Sakuma with 387 fish points, 10 team points.

4th Gwent Don't Knows with 327 fish points, 9 team points.

5th Team Cox & Rawle with 323 fish points, 8 team points.


Overall top five team position after 3 legs:


1st Team Sakuma with 33points.

2nd South Wales Match Team with 31 points.

3rd Team Baits2go with 28 points.

4th Tata SAC with 24 points

5th Team Cox & Rawle with 20 points.


Full team & individual results can be found HERE

Left : Chris Jones with

          a bass for 1.94kgs








Right: Rob David with a

small eyed ray for


TA TA to the rest of the shore league teams

The 2020 East Region WFSA Shore league got off to a soggy this week with the first match fished at Aberthaw & Boverton. Although the winds were light south westerlies there was plenty of rain in the forecast which gradually materialised throughout the course of the day. Twelve 5 man teams registered for the 6 match event to be fished through the year. In all 73 anglers took part seeing 55 anglers catching a total of 11 different species of fish including dogfish, bull huss, whiting, conger eel, pouting, poor cod, blonde & spotted rays codling, silver eel & rockling.


First place team honours went to new team on the block, TATA SAC based in Port Talbot with 417 fish points. All 5 of their team, Scott Busher, Rhys Lewis, Luke Oatley, Steve Ralph & Alun Price weighed in reasonable bags of fish to take the first leg. They were followed by previous winners Team Sakuma in second spot with 385 fish points. South Wales Match Men were third with 351 fish points. In forth place were the Gwent Don't Knows with 338 fish points & in fifth place were Cardiff Vale Fishing Team with 325 fish points.

TA TA Team members collecting their Winnings

Top 5 Individual results as follows:

In first place fishing for the Garry Evans Match Team was Ben Davies from Llantwit Major with a fine brace of blonde rays a poor cod & a conger eel for a total weight of 12.22kgs. Ben was fishing at Stout Point & took home £132 pool money.

In second place was Jamie Sargeant from Swansea fishing for Team Cox & Rawle with a bag of 5 conger eels & a bull huss for 9.5kgs. Jamie trousered £82 in pool money.

Third spot went to Nigel Putbrace from Cardiff. He was fishing for the South Wales Match Team & caught 9 fish consisting conger, bull huss, codling & dogfish for 8.42kgs. Nigel took home a total of £139 for third place & the most fish pool.

Fourth place went to Steve Ellis fishing as a reserve for the South Wales Match Team with 6.16kgs consisting of 2 codling a conger eel & a pouting winning him £33.

Fifth Place went to Gwent Don't Know team member John Griffiths with a bag of dogfish conger eels & rockling for 5.65kgs.

The best names specimen pool went the Bargoed based Phil Jehu with a rockling of 0.29 kgs winning him £73 in prize money.

Ben Davies with his heaviest blonde ray of 6.12kg

Garry Evans Match Team Regain Shore League Title.


With the weather being near perfect for the last leg of the East Region Shore League, 61 anglers comprising of 11 team teams fished Cold Knap, Porthkerry & Fontygary where team & individual top positions were finalised.

There were plenty of fish around with 49 anglers catching 9 different species consisting of blond rays (8) conger, codling, bass, pouting, whiting, dogfish, rockling & poor cod.

In a closely fought battle between two teams throughout the series it was past winners (after a five year gap); Garry Evans Match Team that took the title by 1 point beating Team Sakuma into second place. 


Final leg top 5 teams.

First place went to the Garry Evans Match team with 463 fish points. They won the team pool of  £355.

In Second place were 'Baits To Go' with 402.5 fish points, they won pool money of £200.

Third Place were the Gwent Beer Bellies with 338.5 fish points who won £143 pool money

Fourth were Team Sakuma with 336 fish points and fifth the South Wales Match-men with 331 points.


Series top 5 teams.

Rallying from one point behind were past winners Garry Evans Match Team winning the Shore League title after a five year gap with a total score of 62 points. 

Runners up were Team Sakuma with 61 points.

In third spot were Bait Ro Go with 50 points.

Fourth, South Wales Match-men with 41 points. (2041 fish points)

Fifth, Channel Anglers with 41 points. (2028 fish points).


Garry Evans Match Team left to right: Phil George, Steve Smyth, Andrew Hutchings & Ben Davies (Cyril Cross & Chris Read were unavailable for photo shoot).

Leg 6 Individual top 5.


In first place fishing for the Garry Evans Match Team was Cardiff based angler Andrew Hutchings with a fine pair of blond rays plus two dogfish for 9.86 kilos. Andrew was fishing at Rhoose point and won £108 pool money.

In Second Place was fellow team member Ben Davies who was also fishing at Rhoose point and caught a dogfish, blond ray & conger eel for 7.4 kilos. He won £66  pool money.

In third place was Team Sakuma member Dean Downe with two conger eels for 6.22 kilos winning him £55 pool money.

In fourth  place was Baits To Go angler Chris Jones  with a blond ray for 6.13 kilos, he won £26 pool money.

Fifth place went to another Baits To Go angler Keith Skipper with a blond ray, codling & rockling.


Most fish pool of £61 went to Team Sakuma member Gerald John with 5 fish weighing in at 5.58 kilos consisting of a blond ray, two rockling & two poor cod.


Best nominated fish was won by Mike Mather fishing for the Gwent Beer Bellies with a whiting of 0.15 kilos winning him £61.

Overall Individual top 5.

With a record 585 points Team Sakuma member Rory Jenkins wins the series individual title & receives a top of the range AnyFish Anywhere beach caster supplied by Julian Shambrook.


Runner up fishing with Baits To Go was Porthcawl angler Chris Jones with 537 points; he won a 12 foot, 175 gram AnyFish AnyWhere bass rod.

In third place also winning a similar bass rod was Holton Road Match team angler Adam Farmer with 532 points.

Fourth was Gerald John fishing for Team Sakuma with 528 points.

Fifth place went to Baits To Go member Keith Skipper.


Final team & individual results are shown in the attached document which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Top Rod Dave achieves his Angling Ambitions.


After 11 qualifying legs the 40th Garry Evans Seamaster final took place on the 13th October in conjunction with the The Barry Angling Festival fishing the beaches of Cold Knap, Porthkerry, Rhoose & Fontygary. Despite a week of torrential rain, anglers who practiced fished the venue, reported  blonde rays being caught at the Fontygary end of the match venue.

Needless to say this section of beach was very popular with competitors on the day. At last the rain stopped just before the start of the match with no wind in any direction to speak of. The fishing started well with a few strap conger eels & pouting coming out early on most of the usual marks. Anticipation grew with low water & the flood to come where normally the bigger fish make an appearance.

Two hours into the match and just before low water, a strong south westerly wind came from nowhere making some marks almost impossible to fish. However being a roving match between the limits most people managed to relocate to more protected parts of the beach.

Under the circumstances a good number of fish where weighed in with 53 out of the 105 total entry catching fish. Nine different species were caught in all, made up of codling, bass, pouting, dogfish, conger eel, spotted ray, rocking, whiting & poor cod. But no blonde rays!!!!

Winner of the festival & the Seamaster trophy was Angling Ambitions rod builder Dave Llewellyn from Barry. Dave who was Mr Consistent throughout the series where he topped the leader board for most points during the qualifying process. Dave won the festival first prize of £500 plus £100 pool money for the heaviest bag of fish with  7.06kgs, made up of 6 conger eels & a pouting.

He also picked up the coveted Garry Evans Seamaster Title & a £250 tackle voucher presented by the main sponsor Garry Evans (opposite). Fishing Tackle Cardiff & Newport. To complete the hat-rick Dave also picked up £125 for topping the Seamaster points table.

Second place in the festival was Barry based Holton Road Angling Centre tackle expert Dan Crump. After a short break from the competition scene, Dan came storming back to form with 3 conger eels, a spotted ray & a pouting for 4.43kgs. Winning him  £250 cash.


Festival third place went to Barry angling stalwart Roy Harding with 2 congers eels & a pouting for 3.2kgs. Roy picked up a Anyfish Anywhere beach caster donated by Julian Shambrook.


In fourth place was Newport SAC member Dai Loder with 3 conger eels for 3.16kgs from Cold Knap point. Dai won a Bob Radman head lamp supplied by the man himself.


In fifth place was Barry angler Milo Bjegovic with 2 conger eels for 3.15kgs. Milo pick up a continental beach caster donated by Leeda fishing tackle.


Please see the remaining top twenty on the WFSA web page in the Garry Evans Seamaster results link or click here

In the heaviest nominated species competition, Tyler Brimfield from Newport Gwent picks up £100 in pool money for the heaviest pouting of 0.27kgs

The festival junior winner from Newbridge was Junior Welsh International angler Finnan Williams.
He weighted in a pouting & 3 rockling for 0.48kgs winning him a £50 tackle voucher & the junior Barry Angling Festival shield presented by Garry Evans

Runner up in the Garry Evans Seamaster final was Dai Loder, he picked up a tackle voucher for £150. Third place went to Garry Evans Match team angler & past winner, Andrew Hutchings who received a £100 tackle voucher all donated by Garry Evans Fishing Tackle.


2nd & 3rd in the most qualifying seamaster points table was Chris Read & Chris Jones receiving £75 & £50 respectively.


A big thank you Garry Evans Fishing Tackle for sponsoring once again the Seamaster final & to staff member Andrew Hawksley for all his efforts in obtaining prizes for the main prize list from major tackle manufactures. Not forgetting all the other tackle shops & clubs that donated to the prize list.

Dave Llewellyn being presented the Seamaster Shield from its first ever winner Clive Vedmore

Some of the previous Seamasters winners

Penarth SAC Open, Sunday 6th October

After a stormy week the weather played ball for the Penarth SAC open where 146 anglers turned out to fish the local beach & pier. Forty anglers managed to caught fish with 6 different species in all consisting of Blonde Ray, Conger & Silver Eel, Whiting, Pouting & Codling.


In first place again ( he has won 3 out of the last 4 opens ) was Chris Jones from Porthcawl with 16lb 12ozs including a Blonde Ray & Conger Eel from Lavernock Point. Chris who belongs to TATA SAC took home £500 donated by The Admiral Group PLC  plus £86 pool money. 


A close second was Rhondda Valley SAC member John Griffiths who on his  first cast caught a conger eel of 14lb 3ozs fishing at the ranny pool. John picked up £300 donated by the host club & £57 pool money.


Third place went to Newport SAC angler Dai Loder with a conger eel for 7lb. Dai was also fishng at Laverneck point. He won £200 donated by Set Up Displays.


Four place went to Porthcawl angler Andrew Withey who fishes with Sakuma Match team He caught a conger eel of 4lb 10ozs.


5th was Penarth SAC committee man Colin Boagey with a conger eel for 3lb 11ozs.


In the junior section 10 year old Daniel Whitecome who attends Cadaxton junior school in Barry. He caught a codling for 1lb 2 ozs winning a rod & reel plus the Penarth Junior Trophy.


Second place went  Welsh junior international team member Finnal Williams who caught a silver eel of 10ozs.


Third went place went to Ethan Beattie also with a silver eel for 7ozs.


The Penarth SAC is the last of the Garry Evans Seamster qualifiers before the final on the 13th of October at Cold Knap, Porthkerry & Fontagary. The top three points scorers being: 

1. Dave Llewellyn 76 points,

2. Chris Read 75 points,

3. Chris Jones 61 points.


The final qualifying points this year are 34; see Garry Evans Seamasters results for the remaining top qualifiers by clicking here.

Any Queries ring Steve Chadwick on 07777 689289 by end of play on Friday the 11th of October.

East Region Shore League Report

Sunday 29th September

Lavernock to Bendricks

With the weather forecast not looking good the penultimate leg of the East Region WFSA Shore League took place at Sully & the Bendericks. 63 anglers turn out in what turned out not to be such a bad day. With a brisk North Westerly breeze & isolated showers 47 anglers caught 9 different species totalling 152.45 kgs consisting of codling, conger eel, bass, bull huss, pouting, smooth hound, spotted / thornback rays & 3 beard rockling. 

Top five team positions on the day as follows.

1st Sakuma Match Team with 462 fish points & 11 team points.
2nd Team Baits 2 Go with 418 fish points & 10 team points.
3rd Garry Evans match Team with 384.4 fish points & 9 team points.
4th Holton Road Angling Match team with 351.5 fish points & 8 team points. 
5th Channel Angers SAC with 316 points & 7 team points.

Overall top five places with one match to go.

1st Sakuma Match Team with 53 points.
2nd Garry Evans Match Team with 51 points.
3rd Team Baits 2 Go with 40 points.
4th Channel Anglers SAC with 37 points.
5th South Wales Matchmen with 34 points.

Top five individuals on the day.

1st There's no stopping Team Sakuma member Rory Jenkins who took top spot once again. Rory has only dropped one point in 5 legs which is an incredible performance. He caught 4 conger eels & a cracking smooth hound of 7.52 kgs from Sully Island. His total weight was 15.54 kgs which won him £112 pool plus £63 for the heaviest conger eel of 4.24 kgs.

2nd place went to Baits 2 Go team captain Keith Skipper who was fishing at Lavernock point. He weighed in 5 conger eels for 9.79 kgs & took home £70 pool money.

3rd was in form angler Chris Jones also fishing fo Baits 2 Go. He caught 4 conger eels & a 3 bearded rockling for 7.82 kgs. He won £56 pool money.

4th was Garry Evans Match Team member Phil George with 4 conger eels & a thornback ray for 7.27 kgs.

5th was Team Sakuma member Chris Jenkins with 6 fish for 7.24 kg. Chris took the most fish pool of £63.

Top five overall Individuals with one remaining match.

1st Rory Jenkins with 499 points.
2nd Adam Farmer with 452 points.
3rd Chris Jones with 442 points 
4th Chris Jenkins with 437 points 

5th Gerald John with 435.5 points.

South Wales Sea Anglers Open, Cardiff Foreshore

South Wales Sea Anglers (SWSA) held their annual open match on Cardiff Foreshore on Sunday 22nd September. Despite a foul weather forecast 90 angler turned out to fish the event. Fishing was slow on the flood but improved dramatically on the turn. Eight different species were caught by 36 anglers, consisting of bass, flounder, pouting, conger eel, silver eel, codling, smooth hound & thorn back rays. 

In first place was Angling Ambitions rod builder from Barry, Dave Llewellyn with 2 conger eels for 5.06kgs. Dave was fishing on cods corner & picked up the £300 first prize donated

by Shane Boxhall Plumbing & Heating. He also picked up £80 pool money for heaviest bag of fish.

In first place was Angling Ambitions rod builder from Barry, Dave Llewellyn with 2 conger eels for 5.06kgs. Dave was fishing on cods corner & picked up the £300 first prize donated

by Shane Boxhall Plumbing & Heating. He also picked up £80 pool money for heaviest bag of fish.

In second place was Gerald John from Caerphilly with a thornback ray for 3.67 kgs. He picked up £200 donated by the host club.


In third place was SWSA member from Splott Paul Coles, he also had a thornback ray for 3.63 kgs. Paul won £100 donated by Brian Lewis of Set Up Displays.


Forth place went to SWSA member Brian Skinner with the only smooth hound of the match weighing in at 3.46 kgs. He took home £50 donated by Mike Mardon & Paul Coles.

Fifth place went to Wayne Hathaway with a good size codling for 2.41 kgs plus a bass & silver eel totalling 3.43 kgs. He won a Bob Radman head lamp donated by the man himself. 





The Heaviest Flounder pool was won by Rhondda Valley SAC member Richard Potts. He won £80 plus a rod & Reel donated by Portsmouth based club the "Mad Hatters"

In the Junior section, where prizes were donated by Paul Osmond Haulage from Newport. 12 year old Jamie Brimfield who attends Newbridge comprehensive school took the top spot with 12 fish consisting  of silver eels & bass for 1.63 kgs winning him a  £50 tackle voucher. Runner up was 12 year old Finnan Williams who attends Iswlyn school in Newbridge also with a bag of silver eels & bass for 0.46 kgs. He won a £30 tackle voucher.


Jamie Brimfield, Joe Arch & Finnan Williams

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